A Pro-Choice Society has been set up

‘This is a group of women who felt their rights were being abused, so have done something about it.’

After the controversy of a Pro-Life society being approved by the Guild, a new Pro-Choice society has now also been formed and is awaiting approval by the Guild. Pro choice is the view that pregnant people should have the legal right to access and choose an abortion.

The Pro-Choice society has been formed by Tamsin Fagan, who is its new president and Katriana Ciccottto, who is the vice president and is also the person behind the petition against Pro-Life society.

Tamsin told the Tab exclusively why she set up pro choice society:

When I became aware that the Guild were allowing the pro-life charity to continue, there’s only one thing for it and decided to create a Pro-Choice society. I’m a huge advocate for freedom of speech, so I can understand the Guilds’ reasoning, but I also want to make sure that the students of Liverpool hear from our side of the debate as well. A woman’s choice, whether it be abortion, adoption or motherhood, should be respected and left at exactly that: HER choice.


Beth Meadows, who is on the society’s committee as charity liason said:

I am so excited about this society. It helps remove the threat to a safe space with the Pro-Life Society created. I am happy that we can now challenge their views and show solidarity with all people who have been affected by abortion issues. This is a group of women who felt their rights were being abused, so have done something about it. People power is the most incredible thing!”

Katriana, the new vice president said:

I feel like an idiot for not thinking of the idea sooner to be honest. My petition may have just been taken down by the guild, but they cannot silence or ignore the Pro-Choice support it got.

Beth and Katriana

Feminist Society have also commented saying:

“As a society with Pro-Choice values we 100% back the formation of this new society and are really excited about it! We will certainly be getting involved in any meetings and campaigns they run.”