Why you shouldn’t be scared of dating your housemate

But don’t blame me if it all goes wrong

Don’t date your housemate: the original sin of uni. It’s a universal truth acknowledged by everyone, from your friends to your great Aunt Gladys. Just don’t do it.

Far removed from ‘Netflix and chill’ or a good old fashioned trip to the cinema as a relationship is blossoming, you’re usually living with them for a few months before you become ‘a thing’.

Like a weird affair, you’ll keep it a secret from your housemates at first; a quick kiss in the bathroom, a knowing glance from across the room, and constant excuses made to spend more time together. But of course, you eventually have to tell them. The response will probably be mixed (housemate incest is apparently a thing), but who cares, you’re happy.

It sounds like a horrendously, preposterously bad idea, but there are advantages to dating your housemate.

They’ve already seen you at your worst

They’ve seen you in your Spongebob PJs with no makeup on and fourth day hair and not been (completely) repulsed.


They know how emotionally unstable you are

Think crying hysterically into their arms at LEVEL for at least two hours. They understand that your other housemate is being shady about you for no reason – they live with you, they know.

They’ve already met the parents

No awkward first introductions. Moving in on the first day with all your belongings and a cuppa afterwards as the family relax before the journey back, that’s the way to do it.

They know your weird eating habits

You eat your cereal out of two separate bowls, one for the cereal, and one for the milk, then carefully transfer the cereal onto the spoonful of milk? They’ll think it’s “cute” and “quirky.” Plus, who wants soggy cereal? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

They know just how much you eat

Hourly snacking is something you just can’t live without. And luckily, they love Chesters even more than you do. You just couldn’t be with someone who didn’t share your love of all things Chicken.


There’s no awkward first date

You already know you have things in common. Gone is the small talk and the awkward silences. And of course the dreaded first date outfit choice. When they’ve seen you in your underwear on the floor of the bathroom after a heavy night, any other attire is a bonus.

No need to make an effort to pull on a night out

And on top of that, there’s always someone to hold back your hair when you get home and are hugging the toilet bowl. Who said romance was dead?

No waiting for them to text

Or wondering how long to leave it before you reply to theirs.


Missing bae? You’re a whole ten steps away from their bedroom.

Take the plunge and see if it can work for you. If it doesn’t work out, it’ll only be awkward until June and you don’t need to see them again.