Fem Soc are holding a ‘Post Election Healing Session’

‘In times like these we need to stick together’

In the aftermath of the election night where Donald Trump was elected the new president of the U.S, Feminist Society are hosting a ‘Post Election Healing Session’ for people to attend. Here they can discuss their feelings and worries about the implications of Trump’s new status.

Already accross the U.S. students have protested against his election and there have been calls for women to get the IUD contraception fitted before Trump makes it inaccessible. FemSoc’s event comes in light of the fear felt by women, LGBT+ people and minority ethnic groups worldwide, including at our university, as a ‘bigot’ is elected the president of the most powerful country in the world.

The description for the event on Facebook says:

“We are all devastated by the US election result. This isn’t just a loss for America but for the whole world. In times like these we need to stick together, sending love and solidarity to one another.

In this session we will be discussing our concerns and anger but also finding ways to stay positive and support one another. “

Hannah, one of Fem Soc’s social secs said:

“The session gives us an opportunity to look into how we can help people, right now, in the aftermath, is a vital time to be active in helping struggling people. I’m sure there will be many frustrated members of femsoc at this time seeing as this could have been a feminist victory, and like Hillary herself said, ‘We have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday someone will.’ We hope to make people aware that we need to be active in this country and challenge our own right wing political leaders.”

The event is next Wednesday at 5pm in the Guild’s library room.

This event contrasts to the ‘Mass Shagging of Each Other’ event organised at the Bombed out Church tomorrow to also help deal with Trump’s election.