Ten Liverpool eats that will ruin your diet but are totally worth it

The best bites this side of the Mersey

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Let’s just accept it. The days are getting shorter and my jeans are getting tighter. The Christmas bulge is an inevitable evil, so embrace it and treat yourselves to some home comforts. In the spirit of expanding waist lines, we’ve searched far and wide and up and down the streets of our beautiful city to hunt down the best places to indulge in your cheat day treats.

Moose and Moonshine

For the ultimate breakfast indulgence, head on down to the mecca of pancakes, the Moose and Moonshine. Located on Hope Street (just past the Philharmonic) this jem of the city serves breakfast all day, so it doesn’t matter when you regain consciousness from the night before. The Moonshine pancake stack comes highly recommended. I mean who could truly resist a tower of those bad boys covered in hazelnut chocolate spread, banana and maple pecans?



If you’re in more of a savory mood, the only place for pizza is Bold Street’s Crust. If by some miracle you can’t handle a whole pizza, there’s always the pizza wraps that are definitely worth a go. You’ll also be glad to know that it won’t break the bank, with classic pizzas ranging from £5-£7.50.

Almost Famous

The hamburger. Every student’s Achilles heel when it comes to fat eats out, and in Liverpool there’s only one place that will satisfy. Almost Famous is an expanding burger chain here in the North, and boy have they been doing something right. Forget your big macs and GBKs, this is the new home of the hamburger.

The Moon and Pea

Tucked away in the quaint Georgian mansions of Sefton lies an increasingly well known cafe called the Moon & Pea. This un-doubtable diamond of Lark Lane serves one of the best hot chocolate in Liverpool, I will personally vouch for it. For the sweet tooth among us, the white chocolate hot chocolate will warm your belly and soul.

Evil Eye Burrito Shack

A classic when it comes to Smithdown cuisine, Evil Eye Burrito Shack offers the ultimate Mexican chow. Once you’ve tried the nachos here you’ll never go back. The burritos are unbeatable and the beer is of the crafty variety. You can’t go wrong with the staple establishment, especially on a Monday (2 burritos for £8.) Just ask any student.


Cutherbert’s Bakehouse

For a cup of coffee between lectures, head down the hill towards Cuthbert’s and you won’t be disappointed. It’s true that a picture paints 1000 words, but there no amount of words that can get close to how good their trillionaire shortbread looks.


If a good curry’s what you’re craving make a B-line for Bold Street and hunt out these Indian street food connoisseurs. The ‘Himalayan Cheese Toast’ and ‘Mowgli Paneer’ are some personal favorites, but there’s something for everyone, with an option for ‘Tiffin Boxes’ that’ll give you a great range of what they have to offer. There’re also plans for a new venue so keep an eye peeled.

Barley and Beans

I’ll say it now, it’s worth the walk. Hidden away between some obscure John Moores lecture theaters and St Johns lies Barely and Beans. Whilst it may look like just an ordinary cafe, inside you will find the original Liverpool freakshake. These monstrosities go up to and exceed (aprox.) 1,600 calories, but are worth a heavy gym sesh or two.

Salt Dog Slim

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, so get yourself down to Salt Dog Slims before it’s too late. Hot-diggerdy-dog these sizzlers will rock your world. You’d have to be BARK-ing not to. If you’re looking for hotdog PAW-fection look no further… okay okay, I’ll stop… But then again, what’s the brat-WURST that could happen?

Meat Factory

With a name like Meat Factory you wouldn’t expect them to be locally famous for fries, but there you go. It’s not like the rest of the menu isn’t top quality; including delights such as corndogs, philly cheese steaks and the ‘Brooklyn Big Ass Burger’. The peace-de-resistance however is the Hoi Sin Duck Fries. They taste as good as they sound, and retail at a student loan saving £4. Perfect for a light lunch.

Happy munching folks!