Liverpool wasn’t happy at last night’s firework display

‘Was hardly a sesh’

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The Merseyside fireworks show that lasted 20 minutes and took place this year on the River Mersey has been labelled the “worst fireworks ever” and a “river of shite” (as opposite to River of Light) after a disappointing display.

The event was organised by both Liverpool City Council and the Wirral and took place instead of the traditional Bonfire Night event in Sefton Park. Thousands of spectators flooded the Liverpool Docks last night, but many went home disappointed and took to social media to vent.

Swarms of people left dissapointed

@AaronSerrao commented on twitter: “Well that was a hour of my life I’ll never get back, worst fireworks ever” while @cyclingscouser complained: “Liverpool council you’re a disgrace. A million people in the palm of your hand, and you set off a Catherine Wheel”.

People also took to the event’s Facebook page to complain. Mary Kate Walsh brutally posted “Mate, that was poor!” while The Sesh commented saying “was hardly a sesh”.

Elle Hamlett simply posted “your fireworks were shite”, and many renamed the event “the river of shite”, as opposed to the promised “River of Light” event.

Alex Mullin responded to the event with, “River of shite. Strange feeling being let down by this great city”. His sentiments were echoed by Jim Ashall who asked if someone had forgotten to “buy the fireworks” and had to “nip to Tesco for a £20 box”.

Keith Clarke got straight to the point, demanding: “Please do not do this event again next year.”, while Sean Lawler simply posted, “Shite”.

Zoe, a 2nd year psychologist told us, “I went with my housemates really excited to see them. Turned out to be a complete let down, no music, no stalls selling anything and a disappointing 20 minute display. Going back to London for them next year.”

Tom, 2nd year German and computer science added, “the barges that they set the fireworks off from were too far apart. It was rubbish! Like they took the budget for the show and spent it on three cr***y  mini displays. They really didn’t think it through.”

Not everyone was as dissatisfied. Some members of the public defended the show on the Facebook page:

Culture Liverpool, who were a key organiser for the event, responded with this message:

“Thanks for all the feedback folks, good or bad, we appreciate it all. This year we’ve tried something new and always appreciate your comments.”