The UoL netball team went as ‘Chavs and Fags’ for AU night

Freshers had to dress up as cigarettes, the older girls in tracksuits

Bristol had to rename their theme because dressing like a chav is ‘demonising to the working class‘. But hoop earrings, hair in high ponytails, tracksuit bottoms and lower back eyeliner tattoos were rife in the Guild last night as it looks like Liverpool’s netball team went as ‘Chavs and Fags’ for this month’s AU night.

The event reads that veterans of the team should follow the “K Cider and a wide vagina” route – they jokingly added teen pregnancy – while freshers were encouraged to go for the demeaning role of cigarettes.

The Tab has reached out to the university netball team for comment, but is yet to receive a response.

Questions have been raised over chav socials and how offensive they are. What do you think?