Faculty quadvods are more expensive than ever

And we are not pleased about it

Faculty quadvod

Everyone’s favourite underdog, Faculty, has upped the price of its iconic cheap and nasty quadvod. Before you could get one for a fiver, but now, to our horror, they have drastically inflated the price to £5.65 causing outrage amongst Liverpool students.

Faculty, previously praised for its cheapness and famed for its ability to get you wasted with one drink, has betrayed us all. Students, famously poor, are seriously going to struggle to afford drinks on a night out due to this substantial inflation.

Marisa, a third year English and Communications student, long committed to Faculty’s £5 quad vod deal said, “I remember the good old days when they were a fiver. Brexit really has ruined everything.”

Toby, a second year English student added, “I think this is the beginning of a dark dark road for the future of Liverpool nightlife. The quad vod symbolises everything good about being a student in Liverpool and to see this price hike is deeply shocking and concerning.”

Kyle, a second year Economics student said, “Well, it looks like faculty has just lost a customer. I refuse to pay more than £5.60 for my drinks.”