The gym is the best Concert Square hangover cure

It’s time to accept the truth

After a typically heavy Halloween night out in Concert Square the last thing you want to think about is exercise, but here are just a few reasons why getting a sweat on is your best bet when it comes to curing a hangover.

Sweating out toxins

Sweating out the toxins is the fastest way to clear your body of all poison. Let the fat-frogs evacuate the fastest way possible without chundering, and head straight for the cross-trainers.

Looks like 9am aerobics was a bit much for somebody


It’s a well-known fact that the fittest boys hit the gym early on a  Saturday morning. Their bodies (unlike ours after a night out) are temples and they need to be worshiped. There’s no competition early in the day, so go do some weights and start a casual conversation about protein bars or something. Nothing better to wash away the shame of a messy night than getting a number.

Comfy clothes

There’s a reason people wear gym clothes to uni, there’s nothing more comfortable than stretchy leggings and a baggy top. I mean,  it’s basically pyjamas. So save your onesie for another night and pop on a pair of trainers for the ultimate in sport comfort wear.


Although you do sweat, we often come back from the gym feeling more hydrated than when you went in. Drinking lots of water on the treadmill is a great way to swap the jӓgerbombs sloshing around in your stomach for some good old fashioned H2O.

motivate, hydrate, feel great!

Get out of the house

It’s a great idea down to the pure fact that you get out of the house. Instead of moping around watching recorded episodes of the Simpsons all day, you get to breathe the morning Smithdown air and get some much needed vitamin D.

Vom faster

If you’re really in a bad way, the truth is that after a few minutes on the bikes you’ve moved around enough to finally vom. It’s grimey but true. Whether you do or not, the excessive alcohol you consumed will find a way out of your system, even if it’s not all that graceful.

Induces real hunger not hangover munchies

It’s not my nights out that bring shame upon my family name, it’s the copious amount of junk food I eat the next day. So save that waistline and avoid the fresher’s 15 by skipping the Chester’s chicken nuggets and heading for a spin class.

Must… resist… the… Bumper… chicken…

Exercise produces extra endorphins

You will feel biologically happier. Made out with your flatmate last night? No worries! Blew your student loan on quadvods? Who cares? You’ll just feel your worries melt away.

Haven’t wasted a day

When you finally get back not only will you feel fabulous, you’ll also have the rest of the day at your disposal, be it to finish an assignment or go shopping. Treat yourself and use your newly acquired day wisely.

Another Saturday spent on the sofa

So get ’em tiger, find a motivating playlist and hit the gym. Get it out of the way and start your day with a mood boosting, body cleansing, early morning activity that clears your system ready for a productive day of whatever the hell you want.