Sean Bean has been spotted filming on campus

He’s filming in front the Cambridge pub on South Campus

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Sean Bean has been spotted by the Cambridge pub filming for his latest TV drama today. The Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings star is believed to be filming for a new BBC drama ‘Broken’, produced by Jimmy McGovern, airing in six one-hour episodes which also stars the likes of Paula Malcomson, Aisling Loftus and Adrian Dunbar.

Earlier this month, the 57 year old actor from South Yorkshire has been spotted  with film crews in Bootle and Toxteth.

A large spotlight focused into Bedford House on Oxford Street alerted students to the actor’s presence.

Alex, a third year Computer Science student said: “I’ve always loved him since I watched him beat the french out of spain.”

Alice, a first year History and Politics student, spotted him by the Cambridge pub: “There were lots of police but I think they weren’t real police and bright lights shining into the window and probably Sean Bean. Film crew hanging around everywhere just chilling like.”

Alice said she could see what looked like actors dressed as police and Sean Bean through the windows in the below picture.