How to dress as Jigsaw from Saw for Halloween

Who needs Harley Quinn?

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Struggling with a unique halloween costume? Don’t want to follow the crowd and go as Harley Quinn? Try something classically noughties, simple, obviously creepy and easily done: Jigsaw from the movie Saw.

First, tie your hair back so you don’t get paint in it and wash any access makeup off. Apply a layer of white face paint all over evenly.

Fill in your eyebrows with a black liner and over draw them for extra dramatic effect. Cover your eyelids in eyeshadow, add some around the bottom of your eyes finely and down the sides of your nose to create a scary looking shadow effect.

Extra details: Apply red lipstick carefully with the end of a cotton wool bud or eyeshadow applicator. I used a red lipstick for the cheek details too, but a red eyeliner or lip pencil etc. would also work! Fill in the sides of your lips with more white and put red lipstick in the centre to create a more inhuman puppet-like look. Draw lines by either side of your chin and two dots to create the look of a puppet with a moveable mouth. Also apply mascara and eyeliner to get rid of any traces of white paint still visible around the eye.

Last touches: Add some last minute contouring with dark brown or grey eyeshadow to create the dirty and scary look of Jigsaw. Back combing your hair is a must for any halloween outfit so make sure to do this! Accessorize with a red bow tie (I used a handkercheif!) and the look is complete.