A comprehensive guide to Concert Square takeaways

We’ve put in the leg work so you can find your favourite quarter-pounder for less.

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It’s 3am. You’ve been shaking it in Level all night and you’re looking for a cab when suddenly the midnight munchies kick in. An uncontrollable surge of hunger takes over and your group are drawn to the closest takeaway like moths to the flame. Whether you’re a chicken nugget princess or a kebab king, here’s a comprehensive guide to your nearest and dearest fast food joints and the prices you’ll pay to get that midnight snack.

Pizza Pronto

Conveniently located slap bang in the middle of bold street, Pizza Pronto serves quality takeaway at competitive prices. Kian who studies Building Surveying rated his midnight snack as ‘boss out of 10’ whilst Luke (Tropical Disease Biology) quoted ‘8 out of 8 no debate’.

Chips £1 – 12” Margherita £6.50 – 6 Nuggets £3 (kids meal with chips) – Burger £4.45 (with chips)

Thanks for the display Kian.



Pizza King’s stylish neighbour Mamos offers incredibly flattering lighting for a takeaway which is always a bonus if you’re signing off a romantic night for two with a takeout, or need to take some more selfies before the night ends.

Chips: £1.49 – 12” Margherita: £6.49 – 6 Nuggets: (unconfirmed) – Burger: £3.99

Some very happy (and maybe tipsy) customers


Krunchy Fried Chicken

The cornerstone of takeaway

Perfect for hailing cabs, Krunchy Fried Chicken glows like a beacon onto the bombed out church. Pip who studies architecture almost burst with excitement upon approach: ‘They put red salt on fu**ing everything!’ although she criticised the garlic mayo.

Chips: £1.30 – 12” Margherita: £5.80 – 6 Nuggets: £2.59 – Burger: £3.59


Pizza King

The king of pizzas!

Pizza King is a classic. I swear I bought the best pizza of my life here after the Raz, but you can never be sure after a few fat frogs. One person who was sure was veterinary genius Clare, who told us ‘it makes the perfect mid-sesh snack break. It keeps you dancing all night!’

Chips: £1.20 – 12” Margherita: £5.80 – 6 Nuggets: £2.60 – Burger: £2.30



The myth… the legend…

Nobody knows its name, but we’ve all been there. Cuoco is located between shipping forecast and BaaBar so makes for a perfect emergency chippy.  Christian couldn’t be more excited about his donna on Friday night. ‘Excellent’ he proclaimed, as he continued to shovel mayo-ey lettuce into his mouth.

Chips: £1.30 – 12” Margherita: £6.30 – 6 Nuggets: £2.80 – Burger: £2.80

‘Excellent!’ – Christian & Co.


Mr Kebab

Falafel on flique

As a vegetarian I can recommend Mr Kebab’s falafel wrap (£3) with lots of chilli sauce! However, you can’t help but feel sorry for the proprietors of this establishment. Nobody deserves to have Faculty as a neighbour.

Chips: £1 – 12” Margherita: £6.90 – 8 Nuggets: £2.50 – Burger: £1.90

If the hike to Nabzys is too daunting and McDonalds just isn’t greasy enough to satisfy the deep primeval craving we all get after a night on the town, you can officially claim to be better educated about the takeaways of concert square.