A new Subway is opening on South Campus TOMORROW

Meatball Marinara Meatball Marinara Meatball Marinara

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It is positioned in the Vine Court building, meaning that arts students will no longer have to drag themselves across the treacherous terrain of central campus to get their 6″ sub –  oh no, now that Meatball Marinara is only a 5 minute walk from the SJ.

Students frantic for an Italian B.M.T should head to the corner of Myrtle Street and Chatham Street, opposite the Tesco Express.

The fastfood chain already has a shop opposite the Guild in the foundation building retail units, next to Greggs and Tesco Express.

Exact location in case you need some help

A sign in the window of the new Subway reads, “Grand opening 8am on 5th October”.

Marisa, a third year English student said, “Subway is the biggest chain in the world and there’s already one opposite the Guild do we really need another? Vine Court already have enough luxuries.”

Jack, a History and Politics student, said: “The library is going to fucking stink of Subway.”