Hairstyles to get you noticed in the SJ

Sports luxe at the book returns, babe

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Freshers week has been and gone, leaving behind good memories, horrendous hangovers and severely damaged kidneys. As the new term begins and you start regaining your memory again here are four easy, back-to-uni hairstyles you can do with your eyes half closed as you rush across campus to make that 9am.


Possibly the most popular hairstyle across Uni at the moment is the classic Dutch braids. To achieve this look, section your hair down the centre, start with one side of the head, and take three strands of hair from the top. Plait the three strands under each other, the reverse of the regular French braid. Keep adding more hair to your braid by picking up small strands as you cross pieces under the centre.


One of the simplest looks to achieve is boho waves. To get this “just stepped off the beach” look, you can sleep in plaits over night and brush out in the morning. Alternatively, starting with straightened, dry hair, use a curling wand with a large barrel on a low heat. Starting halfway down the head, take a small section of hair and wrap around the barrel for about 20 seconds before carefully unwinding each strand. If the curls are too tight, run your fingers through to unwind into loose waves. Finish with hairspray to set.


For this insta-worthy hairstyle, begin by sectioning the hair into two. Then, tip the head upside down and begin French plaiting from the nape of the neck up to the crown. Once you reach the top, wrap the hair around itself until it forms a bun. Secure with hair grips and lightly pull out hairs to create a less-polished look.


For some serious minimalist mermaid vibes, try a loose fishtail plait. Start by tying the hair in a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Divide the hair into two equal sections, and take a piece of hair from the outside of the left section.  Pull the piece across the ponytail to the section on the right. Next, take an equal sized piece from the right and repeat. Continue this process until the whole ponytail has been plaited. Secure the fishtail braid with a hair elastic, and remove the one from the top of the braid. Carefully pull out the hair on both sides to make the plait looser and more relaxed.