Liverpool is the 158th best university in the world

We beat Cardiff, Newcastle and Bath in the Times Education Rankings. Boss.

158 education liverpool new rank rankings times university

The Times Education rankings have been published for the 13th time tonight and the University of Liverpool has ranked as the 158th best university in the world for 2016/2017.

We’ve dropped one place since last year, but still beat Cardiff, Newcastle, Bath and Surrey meaning we’re climbing up the Russell Group rankings. LJMU ranked at an average 501st place, the same as last year.


Oxford topped the rankings, with Cambridge coming in 4th. The UK takes 91 of the top 980 places, making the country second only to the US for the number of world-class universities featured in the top 800.

Matthew, a third year History and English student at Liverpool, said: “I’m pretty happy we’re above Cardiff because now I can make a witty post in my group chat to my mate who was rinsing me when the last set of uni rankings came out last month”.

The Times Education ranks universities on benchmarks of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook and is an independently audited ranking. The full list of rankings can be found here.