Liverpool once again narrowly misses out on top 150 place in world university rankings

How did Cardiff beat us though???

Liverpool is the 157th best university in the world, according to the latest rankings published today by QS.

This year we slipped six places in the global rankings, in a year when most UK universities fell much further. One of our closest rivals in the rankings last year, Bath, actually managed to retain their position this year.

At least we were more consistent than the likes of York though, who fell 24 places, and we are still the 24th best UK university on the global stage.

Liverpool scored particularly low in the following categories (out of 100):

Academic Reputation – 46.1 per cent

Employer Reputation – 52.3 per cent

Citations per Faculty – 57.7 per cent

Faculty-Student ratio – 43.2 per cent

But we were saved by our particularly high scores in International Faculty (83.5 per cent) and International Students (97.1 per cent).

The International Students score was so high in fact that on that aspect alone, Liverpool would have ranked 60th globally.