Liverpool is the second cheapest city for students in the UK

A report from Natwest said our city is one of the best

Liverpool is the second most cost effective city to be a student in the country, and one of the best for your money, according to a new report.

In the city of scousers that’s always said to be really cheap, when you compare a Liverpool students’ income to their expenditure we’re doing pretty well. We get a total of £1,425 on average, once you calculate student loan, money from part-time work and any help from your loving parents.

Natwest, in their Student Living Index report, figured out we only spend roughly half of that over the course of the term.

So you’d think we barely went out, staying huddled in the library to save ourselves from spending money. But you’re wrong. Liverpool students spend just 26 hours a month in academic study – the second least amount, just behind Leicester. Cambridge spend almost double that studying.

We’re also one of the most fashion conscious universities, spending almost £10 a week on clothes, shoes and accessories.