Vice-Chancellor Prof. Janet Beer responds to Brexit

“We must now embrace the challenge of a slightly different long-term future”

brexit eu referendum janet beer

The University’s Vice Chancellor Janet Beer has responded to Britain’s vote to leave the European Union on the university website. She stated:

“We must now embrace the challenge of a slightly different long-term future for our University and the Higher Education sector as a whole.

“Over the coming weeks and months, together with our partners in the sector and Universities UK, we will be working to establish which areas will be affected by the decision in the short, medium and long-term.

“We will continue to work hard to realise the ambitions in our strategic plan as well as produce world-leading research with the potential to change lives and a distinctive student experience that produces highly employable graduates.”

Beer also sent out a reassuring email to all students of the university, stating that the university would aim to keep positive connections with the EU and that, thankfully, tuition fees already announced for 2016/17 would not be altered. The email also stated that international students would continue to be be a highly valued part of the community, and that those planning on participating in Erasmus next academic year would still be able to.

Prior to the referendum, Beer was involved in a BBC Breakfast TV debate defending the EU in regards to its benefits to scientific research. She said, “We simply don’t know what would happen if we left,” and her main concern was that Brexit would mean Britain would lose funding from the EU.