Ex-Liverpool Politics student announces he is contesting MP Jo Cox’s seat

He’s standing for the far-right party Liberty GB

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Jack Buckby, who studied Politics at the University but was expelled in 2013, is set to force a by-election in the Batley and Spen constituency, having stated that the Labour seat should not go unchallenged after the murder of MP Jo Cox in Yorkshire this week.  He is standing for the party Liberty GB.

The poster from Jack Buckby’s twitter feed

All the other main political parties, including the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP, have said that they won’t contest the seat in respect to the murdered MP Jo Cox who died after being shot and stabbed outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, Yorkshire on Thursday.

Buckby, a former Youth BNP member, is standing for Liberty GB, an ‘Anti-Islamisation’ party that calls itself a ‘radical patriotic conservative’ organisation. The party’s ‘mission statement’ on its website states that its aim is ‘to put a stop to our rapidly accelerating descent into economic, educational, moral, cultural and social ruin’.

The former Liverpool student tweeted a youtube video from his account titled ‘Why I’m standing for Jo Cox’s seat’ yesterday. In it he claimed that ‘major community cohesion problems’ and ‘rising ethnic tension’ in Britain would lead to more attacks such as the one carried out on MP Jo Cox. He also suggested that the Labour party had ‘duped working class people’ and were walking into the by-election completely uncontested with ‘smug little grins on their faces’.

On his personal website, Jack claims that he was  removed from university ‘for refusing to abide by politically correct school rules, and for calling out lecturer Dr Leon Moosavi for attempting to justify the murder of soldier Lee Rigby’. Buckby claims that in an article on the University of Liverpool website, Dr Moosavi suggested that the attack was ‘legitimate ‘dissent’ against UK foreign policy’.

Former Guild President Harry Anderson, who attended Liverpool University at the same time as Buckby, was quick to condemn the far-right activist, tweeting that his former course mate was an ‘offensive, intolerant & vile bigot’.

Harry Anderson, commenting on Jack Buckby’s announcement, told The Tab: “If we can take anything from the events of the last few days it’s that, as a society, we need to be more tolerant and understanding of one another and recognise – as Jo did – that we have more that unites us than divides us.

“Unfortunately, Jack Buckby’s campaign appears to go against that, and is one based on the politics of fear and division”.

Jack Buckby had earlier tweet that if ‘#BritainFirst Jo Cox shooting rumour is true , it’s either moronic BF damaging our cause as always, or false flag from #Remain campaign’. He also claimed on this youtube channel  this week that the LGBT+ community had ‘blood on their hands’ over the Orlando shootings, because they ‘aligned themselves’ with muslims.