A seagull has regularly been visiting the Harold Cohen

Students have been feeding it through the windows

During the weeks of revision, a seagull had been regularly visiting students revising in the library in the hope of receiving some food.

The seagull allegedly visited regularly in the week when students were revising. Many enjoyed the novelty and fed the hungry seagull parts of their lunch.

John, a second year Geology student, has been keeping his eye on the seagull during his revision. He sits on the third floor of the HC where it often visits. He said:

“I think that the addition of a zoo to the third floor of the Harold Cohen provides a welcome break from revision… The seagull is trying to get food from everyone sat next to a window. It walks down the window ledge and looks accusingly at any students sat there until
they offer up their quavers.
“I think it has worked out that if there is one thing bored students like doing other than feeding themselves, it’s feeding the winged patrons of the library. Or maybe the seagull gave up on finding a computer and took to the skies, coming back now and then in the hope of finding a free one.”