An ode to Bar Ca Va

Tequila time is all the time

bar ca va concert square liverpool tequila

There are two stages of life: pre and post Ca Va.  Your first trip to Bar Ca Va is like coming of age all over again. Everywhere you go afterwards will pale in significance. Where else will you be able to find £1 shots of summer fruits tequila? Or mango tequila? Or jelly bean tequila? Or literally any flavour tequila you can imagine?

It’s an inconspicuous looking bar from the outside, but that brightly coloured sign and scary looking bouncers look just like home. Inside it’s a treasure trove of deliciously flavoured tequila lovingly served with all the trimmings, and most importantly, a smile.

ca va


You walk in, it’s relatively early on a Friday night, you’re not ready to head straight to Heebies or Level but you don’t want to spend a fortune on overpriced drinks in Concert Square, so you head down Wood Street in hope of stumbling across something magical, and you do. You keep going past Camel Club and Revs, it’s not happy hour so you know it’s out of the question. And then, there it is. It’s calling your name, you can almost smell the lemon slices and salt.

ca va

You hand over your ID, still mesmerised by this wonderful place.  The DJ (he doesn’t accept requests) is playing a Kelis song you forgot existed and you love it. Then there it is, the bar itself.  All of those bottles, over thirty of them, staring back down at you, what do you pick?  Not chilli, baked bean or dandelion and burdock; start with something fruity.


Still cute though

All of a sudden you’re seventeen shots down, you’re raring to go and you’ve discovered what is hands down the best bar in the whole of Liverpool. Your life has changed for the better. Any night without a pit stop to Ca Va is now a disappointing night. Those sticky floors and funny toilet doors have become a staple part of your drunken escapades, you might never experience love like this again.

It isn’t unrequited – Bar Ca Va loves you back.