The Liverpool Cat Cafe might be coming earlier than expected


cat cafe cats fur kittens liverpool mental health meow

The team behind the cafe have applied for funding that could mean we get our cat cafe earlier than expected.

We can expect a 16 person capacity cafe with ten resident cats who have their own ceiling sky run and a quiet room for when they don’t want to socialise. Guests will be charged £1 for every five minutes they spend there which includes unlimited hot and cold drinks.

With their first branch in Manchester due to open next month, creator Ellie Close said: “our next plan is to open in Liverpool. This has always been the plan of Cat Cafe – with the actual expectation being early 2017.


“However we have entered the VMBVOOM awards to make this happen quicker. If we were to be successful in this then Cat Cafe Liverpool would open to the public in Autumn 2016.”.

There are rules in place to ensure the safety of the cats including no flash photography, no high heeled shoes and no children under 10.  The cafe will provide lockers and slippers to keep your belongings safe and make sure no germs are transferred to our feline friends.


Those lil feet

The team behind the cafe see it as a way of escaping unfulfilling, lonely lives. “Mental health problems are rising and the NHS doesn’t seem to know what to do.  One in four people are anxious, or depressed, or tired, or are harbouring some sort of personality disorder.

“People are walking in to a GP’s office and confessing to suicidal thoughts; only to be sent away with the promise of an appointment with the mental health team sometime two years later.

“Cats transcend stress. They beat us at day to day living. When it comes to living in the moment, to being present, cats win. Cats equal therapy. Stroking a cat reduces your heart rate and your blood pressure. Cats are good for us. Dare I say it, cats can make us happy.”


That lil face

Niamh, an English and Philosophy student isn’t keen on the idea, telling us “It sounds like my worst nightmare. So unhygienic.”

However cat enthusiast and history second year Lucy told The Tab, “A cat cafe is so exciting, cats are the best pet. They’re so chill and do what they want. Dogs are just too much for me I can’t deal with their constant need for attention and yapping at my legs. Who are these people who like it when dogs lick their face?!

“Cats are the way forward. And with cats you don’t have to do anything but feed them and you’ll get cuddles when they feel like it making it a more special moment.”