The Best Places to Nap on Campus

Perfect places for a sneaky bit of shut eye

abercromby square guild library nap sj slepp sydney jones Vine Court

Exam season is upon us and when endless revision sessions eventually get too much everyone needs a break, but why brave the 86 or 699 to go home when there are so many places to nap right here on campus?

The Guild

The guild is full of comfy places to nap. Admittedly it’s always full of people, and there’s usually someone who is convinced they’re the next Beethoven on the piano, but as long as you have headphones, it’s perfect for napping.

Sometimes just the floor will do

Abercromby 3rd Floor

A hidden gem for the arts students, the third floor of 19 Abercromby has a comfy (if a little worn looking) sofa that is perfect for napping. The English students who frequent Abercromby have so few contact hours you’ll barely be interrupted. Ideal for a sneaky snooze.

You’ll need a nap after all those stairs

Any empty study room

Sleep wherever you can, whenever you can. Just make sure you check the room availability before you go to sleep, otherwise you’ll be rudely awoken by an angry group project team who need the study room.

Basement of the library

The basement of the Syndey Jones is ideal for napping. It’s warm, it’s cozy, and it’s just meters away from where you’re supposed to be revising. For some reason, the heating in the basement seems to be set to “make you fall asleep” temperature, and you’re unlikely to get interrupted, because no one ever dares to venture that deep into the unknown.

The most convenient place to nap

At your desk in the Library

So you may get weird looks, and angry glances from students who are desperately trying to find a seat, but where is more convenient to nap than at your desk? Get in a quick power nap in between sessions of scrolling through Instagram and staring blankly at revision PowerPoints.

Benches around Campus

There are a plethora of benches around campus that are perfect for napping. True, Liverpool weather isn’t designed for outdoor napping, and maybe you’re more likely to get attacked by a seagull than you are sleep, but on the rare occasions that the weather is nice, the benches are your best bet for napping, as well as the added benefit of getting a sun tan (and frost bite).

Napping glamorously

Abercromby Square

On the theme of outside napping, Abercromby Square is the ideal napping destination. Soft grass, plenty of sunlight (when it’s actually out, of course).

Picturesque- and so close to the library

Vine Court/Crown Place

You don’t pay for on-campus accommodation because it’s new, clean, and nice looking. You pay for napping convenience. Where is better to nap than in your own bed?  You could be out of the Rendall and in bed in less than three minutes.