I wouldn’t be able to get a 2:1 without Drake

He’s better than a supervisor. He’s better than a tutor. He’s Aubrey.

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First year, exams that now seem like a calm walk through the 6, looming ahead. You are despairing, making roach out of your revision cards and making endless sandwiches to pretend you’re still on your lunch break. But then… What’s that? “Now you’re talking my language, now you’re talking my language…” What is this gospel? No, it’s not the quiet call of the Modafinil in your drawer. It’s not the second coming of Christ. It’s Drake. And from that moment, Nothing Was The Same.

giving up life revision drake library help

It’s now the second semester of third year, and who have you got to thank for getting you this far and into the worst Russell Group in the country? Not your mum. Not your dad. Not that GCSE maths teacher that slipped you a few more marks because you brought him a cake. It was Aubrey, Drake, 6God, whatever you want to call him. All of them, none of them. Drake can exist as a nameless entity. There’s a Drake for everyone. He’s there to Take Care of you when you’re at your lowest, obsessively scouring the internet on shitty eduroam for which study drug to try next, and he’s there when you’re at your best, banging out “Legend” while you work work work your way through a text book.


Let him be your motivation. Let him be your drug. If you’re revising for your law exam, play “Worst Behaviour”. 500BC History? “Started from the Bottom”. English? “The Language”. We all know it’s shit when you can’t take relief from your work with a one night stand or with your loved one because they’re also revising. But once you accept Drake’s overpowering grip, you will succumb to his touch. He’ll make you feel like a child again. You know that hug when you find your mum again after losing her in ASDA? Listening to Drake is like that warmth, that touch. Only constantly, and in the library. Welcome him, embrace him. Let his dulcet tones carry you through the quiet area of the Sydney Jones like nobody’s watching.


Fuck the international student looking at you while you procrastinate, photoshopping the tiny Views-album-artwork-Drake onto pictures of yourself at the back of social study. Ignore the people in your group screaming at you for not taking your headphones out in order to finish the project. Drake is the people’s project. He is the people’s poet. You need no other. You probably don’t even need to revise. His spirit is in you. You too, can start from the bottom and make it. And when you’re there, Drake will be too. He won’t even just help you revise, he’ll also help you celebrate. There’s nobody better to pop bottles to than the Champagne Papi himself. No need to tweet “nobody makes it from my ends” because with Drake by your side, you can be the one who makes it.

So, before you freak out about only having 24 hours left to cram a whole module, don’t listen to “Twelve Hours of Whale Songs” or go on RainyMood while you revise, take a step back. Ask yourself… What would Drake do?