Faculty is the most underrated club in Liverpool

Who doesn’t want to listen to old school Ke$ha while being served an illegal quad vod disguised as two doubles?

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Faculty: the underdog in Liverpool nightlife, famous for quad vods and producing reckless students.

‘Can you even call it a club?’ some might ask.  Well yes, Faculty is by far the most underrated place to go in Liverpool and deserves more respect. You’ll inevitably get wasted and still come out with enough money for club entry, takeaway and a taxi home. You don’t find that kind of value from any other club.

Drinking my beloved quad vod, Faculty is true bae

Faculty is the perfect way to start your night if you don’t want to remember a thing. People queue up there to have their memory wiped. Broke up with your boyf/girlf today? Got a 52 on your essay? One night stand didn’t text you back after you declared your love for them? Faculty is available and prepped with quad vods at any moment to give you temporary amnesia.

Pour it up pour it up

Quad vods are lethal but they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to you on a night out. They’d probably cost £30 if they even had them in London, but in Faculty they’re a mere fiver – who could ever resist? They might taste gross but once you’re half way through it, you’re immune to the taste (or too intoxicated to understand the concept of taste anymore.) They don’t just sell quad vids either –  they even have alcoholic slushes. What more could you ask for from a bar?

You may preach that you hate chart music and that house nights are what it’s all about, but once you’ve necked that quaddy of orange and vodka you’ll be dancing the Macarena, attempting to rap along to Sean Paul and slut dropping to Destiny’s Child all night long. There’s even a jukebox so you can request ABBA, Queen or whatever other cheesy classics you’re into.

Fair enough, occasionally a Faculty nigh out will result in  a)  crying on that girl you just met in the toilets who is now your best friend, b) throwing up on your shoes in the street, c) telling your life problems to a homeless man or d) bitch slapping your best friend for not sharing their pizza at the end of the night. But at least you won’t remember any of it – so technically it didn’t happen. That is, until Kate from your course starts messaging pics of you being a wreck to your course Facebook group chat, but we don’t need to talk about that.

Heaven is a place on earth with you

Go to Level or Heebie Jeebies if you want to pretend you’re classy. But if you want to see a real messy night out, then forget the Raz and go pay Faculty a visit.