Cava is the best drink for predrinks

Get out of here with your vodka and coke

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It adds an air of sophistication not even a Gin and Tonic can match.

It’s not just a drink for Christmas, Birthdays and special occasions. Cava should be your drink of choice every time you go out. It might be a little bit more expensive than a cheap bottle of Rose (this one’s on Student Finance guys) – but you can’t put a price on class.

Bringing sophistication to Smithdown

There’s an added risk factor when you pop the cork on a bottle of Cava that makes it so much more exciting. It’s an art opening that bottle: one that will win you cool points with your flatmates,  who are all screaming “twist the bottle, not the cork” at you, and inexplicably scream when you finally do take the top off. Careful though, or you’ll end up spraying the walls of your bedroom, resulting in the loss of your drink, your dignity, and your housing deposit. Or If you’re feeling fun loving and fancy-free, you may as well go with it – shake up the bottle and spray it at them like you’ve just won the Formula One. They might not appreciate it at the time, but hey, at least it’ll be a funny story, and a good talking point when they have you explain the suspicious stain on their dress to the guy they just met in Juicy.

Starting the night with a bang

Cava adds a level of sophistication and class to even the grossest student house. Even if you’re drinking it from a mug or a plastic cup because someone smashed the last wine glass, you feel a little bit superior to your peers sipping their Echo Falls. Or, just drink it straight from the bottle, making sure everyone knows you are drinking Tesco Express’s cheapest Prosecco. It will make you feel like you’re in Gossip Girl, swigging back sips of Dom Perignon, whereas really, you spent 25p more than you would on a normal bottle of white.

You can’t help but look cute when drinking Cava

Science is on your side too, since sparkling wine gets you squiffy faster. So you’ll have so much more time to do your hair and makeup. It’s a whole lot easier to down than cheap vodka, too, and it takes away all the hassle of measuring out shots and mixing drinks; you just need a bottle or two, and you’re done, ready to make your way to Level.

Drinking from the bottle

Okay, so maybe it means you’ll have to mix drinks when you do eventually make it to Concert Square, and maybe the lack of screw top means you have to drink the entire bottle in one night before it goes flat – not that that’s a bad thing, but cava bring that extra finesse that makes predrinks just so much classier.