Merseyside to welcome Syrian refugees

The council are supporting the integrating of refugees into our society

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Over the next four years, Merseyside is expected to integrate refugees from Syria into our city with the help of with government funding.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been forced to leave their homes due to the life endangering civil war between rebels and the Assad regime. Thousands of Syrians have already lost their lives due to the conflict.

Liverpool will be receiving 100 fleeing refugees, while other areas in Merseyside are expected to receive around another 310. The first are expected to arrive late this summer.

Liverpool council will be receiving extra funds to support the costs, part of the Conservative government’s resettlement programme. A Knowsley council spokeswoman said that because of the new funding, the refugees should have no negative impact on Merseyside.

The council and various partners are taking steps to support the integration such as school places, suitable homes, health services, translation, emotional and practical assistance.

Liverpool welcoming refugees

A St Helens council spokesman said:

“The Local Authorities across the Liverpool City Region have all agreed to a request from the Home Office to consider supporting the Government’s commitment to take 20,000 Syrian refugees over a five year period.”

Liverpool uni’s Homeless Society told us:

“Liverpool is an extremely friendly and welcoming city, so it is only fitting that the city help to house refugees fleeing from awful conditions and horrors.

“We work a lot with refugees and asylum seekers through our collaboration with AMURT and through our refugee breakfasts, we hope to help them as much as possible and hope the spirit of this work is felt, and continued, by everyone else in Liverpool.”

The Help the Homeless Society at the Fresher’s Fair last year.