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The best places to 4/20 on campus

Are you gunna go secret or suspicious?

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It’s that time of year again. It has arrived.

The one day where people pretend they love smoking weed more than they actually do and chill in the sun with a couple of joints reminiscing about how the year has gone spectacularly mediocre for all the squad so far. So, on a campus with so many cute green spaces, where are the best places to blaze that green?

Abercromby Square

abercromby square 420 smoke weed marijuana jesus

The weather is forecast to be sunny (well Liverpool sunny) on Wednesday and there’s no better place on campus to soak up the April sun with your mate’s “amazing weed from Amsterdam” than at the most beautiful spot on campus. With the fabulous Pagoda at its centre, who wouldn’t want to light up here? It’s conveniently located and in the perfect spot for a quick one before you lurk off to your next lecture.

Sydney Jones study rooms

Essay season has well and truly arrived so the SJ gets very busy, very quickly. And let’s be honest, on 4/20 you’ve scheduled yourself a day off and find that quality kratom vendor – right? So make sure you book yourself a study room far away from the rest of civilisation, invite a couple of mates and sit back, relax, and hotbox the the room. You may not be able to see clearly and or take the library staff seriously when they’re threatening to have you kicked out of uni, but hey – it’s all worth it for the amount of life you’ll be living in that room the entire day.

Sydney Jones Basement

below library

If the study rooms are all taken, then head down to the darkest depths of the SJ and light up there. No one will ever find you because, let’s be real, no one goes there. Adding to the fun, when you’re high you probably won’t know where you are either.

The Archives

smoke weed 420 archives

Does anyone actually use these? Well today you do – for BLAZING. The Archaeology ones are particularly empty, and you can probably get some extra ~waves~ from inhaling the dust.

Bike sheds

smoke bike shed bikes 420

Self explanatory. Who cares if everyone waiting for lectures in Rendall can see you when you look so cool? Sheltered, caged and exclusive to those who have keys, resort back to your old secondary school days for a super dingy chill spot.

Behind South Campus

rendall smoke cypress south campus 420

The cooler, more indie sister of Abercromby Square. You’ll rarely find anyone relaxing around here. This quiet area is more alternative, different to the usual locations of your 4/20 escapades because it won’t look like you’re trying to show off you’re participating – you just are, you know?

The Quadrangle

quadrangle north campus harold cohen 420 weed smoke

Yes, that’s it’s official name – I KNOW. Grab your friends, get off the 699, walk over to the red brick buildings and sit back and marvel at how pretty our university is whilst chatting shit over a couple of joints. Grab the occasional engineer that’s walking by and show them what fun looks like. Tell those chemists what THC really means.

Catholic Cathedral

cathedral smoke 420 weed

It’s what Jesus would want. You’ve worked hard over Easter and it’s nice to blaze up with a nice landscape view of the city in front of you. You’ll have a lot to talk about with the drug dealers that hang around there too. So even if you go on your own in between your lectures on 4/20, you’ll always have someone to bond with if you hang with.

Rooftop Garden of the Guild

guild roof garden smoke weed 420

Gorgeous views, gorgeous atmosphere and a gorgeous joint for you to contemplate how serene this place is. Forget the weed coming out of the rooftops, it’s the weed that you are currently smoking that’s the important thing. Extra points here if you can wave to the people doing 4/20 on the cathedral opposite. Watch out for the bees though.

Cubby hole under some stairs in Abercromby Square

weed smoke hide 420 stairs

Be honest, we’ve all been lost in there. May as well light up when you get lost. Only thing to do really. You’re lost for a significant amount of time now, so just forget your problems and wait for a red-eyed professor (they blaze it too) to walk past to help you find your way out.

Student Health Centre

student health smoke weed 420 how ironic lol madting

Just for the irony.