Wearing glasses makes you better than everyone else

You could call it spex appeal

Most long-term glasses wearers have a similar story: at the tender age of five, your Year One teacher recommended to your unconvinced parents that you have your eyes tested – they just presumed you weren’t concentrating in lessons and wanted some attention. Begrudgingly they took you to the opticians, where the teacher’s suspicions were confirmed. You can barely see a foot in front of you.


Glasses are for cool kids

15 years on and around 20 pairs of glasses later, you’ve probably blossomed into the specs enthusiast that you are today. Of course, wearing contact lenses is much more convenient, but nothing could deter you from your love of glasses.

Wearing glasses makes you look smarter

Remember the nerd back in high school who always had the highest grades? You can almost guarantee that they wear glasses – all the smart people do. Maybe it’s all those hours spent with your head in a book, or maybe it’s just your weak genetic pool of myopic ancestors, who knows? Wearing glasses immediately gives you an out when it comes to intelligence levels. It’s assumed you’re better at maths than you actually are, even your mates who know the bad decisions you tend to make in life somehow cut you more slack because you just radiate smart vibes.


Looking philosophical in the SJ is to be expected from a glasses wearer

Glasses instantly make every outfit more fashionable

Wearing your glasses adds that certain je ne sais quoi to every ensemble. Whether it’s a bold frame that dominates the outfit, or a simple one that makes your look more polished – glasses complete your head-to-toe look that is sure to put you ahead of the fashion game.

Glasses have dominated the runway this season, and you can be sure that a uniquely sourced frame or a great vintage find will set you apart from your glasses-less mates. The trend is so advanced that many imposters are opting to wear glasses without a prescription lens, purely for cosmetic appeal. But not you, you’re the real deal. You’ve been with the glasses trend since day one – a hardcore frames patron.

Glasses cover up from the night before

Need to hide those bags under your eyes? What better way to do so than by throwing on your trusted glasses. Still wearing that smudged eye makeup from The Raz last night to today’s 9 am lecture? Wear your glasses and no one needs to know. This is where the recent trend for cat eye frames comes in useful – it perfectly hides the winged eyeliner you’d forgotten you were still wearing until you walked through the doors of the Sherrington.


No beauty sleep, no problem

In reality, they’re a certified way of not looking as much of a train wreck as you feel. Whether it’s after a heavy night out, a long library sesh or just for those days when looking on fleek is a priority, glasses detract from the grim reality that uni is turning you into a complete mess.