Geordie Shore were filming in Level last night


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Last night, the cast of Geordie Shore were in Level filming for part of their next series.

Level nightclub is one of Liverpool’s most popular clubs, and the cast were there on its main student night Love Wednesdays. They posted this on their Facebook page:

Geordie Shore cast caught in action

Geordie Shore’s Gaz was there, who was recently in trouble for grabbing a student’s bum while still with his girlfriend Charlotte.

Gaz spotted in Level nightclub Liverpool

Ciaran, a second year History student expressed his dismay that he missed out on the chance to see the cast:

“I wish I went to Level last night. I could have seen gaz’s big dick in real life. I don’t care about Charlotte, he’ll be mine.”

Scotty T was also amongst one of the cast members spotted:

Scotty T posing with a fan

Many students expressed their excitement, shock or disgust at the potential thought of spotting the cast while on their night out.