Home of Medication and Cream set to be demolished today

Medication will never be the same

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Nation, the home of Cream and Medication, is being demolished to make way for a brand new city centre complex.

For years, Cream has been an iconic club night for dance fans everywhere, and the club night Medication has also been a popular student night. But today, the hosting building Nation, is set to be demolished.


The £40 million plans for Wolstenholme Square are being brought forward and Nation will be reduced to rubble to make way for over 400 apartments, restaurants, bars and cafes. The proposals also promise a new home for clubbers, with a new underground venue at the site. The demolition begins today and is expected to continue until Friday.

Wolstenholme Square was also home to The Kazimier which closed at New Year. The Kazimier Gardens, however, are staying open, and the team behind the Kazimier are beginning a new development: ‘Invisible Wind Farm’ which to be in place by May in Liverpool’s docklands.

Goodbye Cream </3

Jane, a 2nd year English and Communications student told The Tab:

“Medication has been moved to Arts Club and it sucks. I wish Nation had stayed open, the club had a much better layout for the kind of night it was.

“People were like confused mice trying to find there way through that maze that is Arts Club. And as if Liverpool needs any more accommodation – Carnatic 4 lyf .”