How to prepare for a big Scouse night out: A guide for men

We all know you need the help

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Sit down and shut up lads, it’s time to learn how to effortlessly fit in at Concert Square.

Liverpool is famous for it’s primed and primped gents, so how can we blend in with the locals we look up to?  It’s not easy but we’ve sussed it out.

First thing’s first – you need to head to the Asda to grab some bevs for prinks before hitting the cash point. It’s never ever a good idea to take your card out. You don’t want to be that guy who gets everyone rounds of shots on his card because he’s got happy drunk and then struggles to buy milk the following week.

When you’re back at your house getting ready for the night ahead you need to think about your tools of preparation.

Top tools needed:

Shower gel, too much body spray (both Lynx Africa ideally), aftershave, hair gel, hair spray, shoe cleaner, an iron and of course a solid, undisturbed 20 minutes of power nap time.

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There are different types of Scouse nights out depending on which parts of town and which day you’re going out, yet there are some fundamental basics for preparation. You’re going to want to spend around 30-40 minutes getting yourself ready for the night ahead. Spend the time wisely. Shower, trim that beard, squirt some cologne on your neck and throw on your gear. Oh, and brush your teeth.


Dress Code

It’s undeniable that the native Scouse prins will be dressed to the nines, in their best sparkling frocks and their pristinely curled hair after walking around Liverpool One in rollers during the day. How are us blokes supposed to fit in with these girls you may ask? Fret not – you won’t need your suit and tie.

Shoes are a big question for a night out anywhere: while the Scouse lads are notorious for their trainers, you’re not going to get in to every place in town if you’ve got your gym kicks on. Keep it a little bit classy. Non-sporty trainers are acceptable. Clean up your new New Balance and get them on.

Scouse lads are a fan of the classic collar, whether that be a nice shirt or a crisp polo t-shirt. You’d need to top this with a light-weight, tight jacket to blend with the true Scousers and show off your toned arms. Dress your legs with some dark jeans, black or navy blue would be perfect for your Scouse night out.


Things you need to take with you

Between the pockets in your trousers and the ones in your coat, your space for carrying necessary bits is limited. Once you’ve squeezed your phone and wallet into your back pockets, what else will you need?

You’ll have to take your trusty side-kick comb, to maintain that perfectly slick comb-over cut. But the essential hair grooming tools doesn’t stop there, oh no, you will need to bring your little bottle of beard oil in case you notice that your facial hair has gone a little bit astray while you’ve beeing raving on the first floor of Level.

You’ve got to keep it smooth and smart, not wavy and wolverine. If you’re on the pull, a small lip balm wouldn’t go a miss either or a pack of mints.


Look at that handy lil pocket

After this sound prep, you’re good to go lad.