Cream retains its licence following Boxing Day deaths drugs investigation

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Club night Cream was praised last week for its “proactive” policies in catching drug dealers and aiding in further investigations with Merseyside Police on all of their club nights.

Their licence was retained due to the positive work they are doing to curb drug-related incidents at Nation and at other events across the city.

The hearing was triggered by the tragic deaths of Andy Glaister and John Milburn who attended the final ever event at Nation on Boxing Day. Although the causes of the deaths have not been confirmed, the police are pursuing the idea that they were drug related.

In response to the deaths, a warning from Merseyside Police in regards to dodgy pills was released.


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It was also heard how there are at least seven different points before entry where drugs can be detected before any clubber gets in. Alongside undercover staff, drug detection dogs, searches on entry and manned CCTV, Liverpool Town Hall found Cream to have an extensive drugs policy on event nights – 51 staff each night is said to be involved in the fight against drugs.

An announcement by the police states they are hoping for anti-drug measures to be formally written into Cream’s licence.

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Cllr Christine Banks, head of the licence hearing stated: “It’s clear from the information provided by Merseyside Police they have always been satisfied by the cooperation with the club. It’s also clear the club has acted very responsibly reviewing their procedures following the events of Boxing Night.”

Rosie Murray, a second year Architecture student and regular attendee to events at Nation, said “I’m happy that Cream gets to stay open because they’ve always been cracking down on drugs there. The nights are always fun and safe in my opinion.”

Cream’s next event is ‘Cream Classics’ at the Anglican Cathedral on the 16th April.