Burger King are now delivering in Liverpool

Provided you live on the appropriate side of Toxteth Cemetery…

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You can now have your Double Whopper brought to your door.

Liverpool Burger King are launching a delivery service in the city, meaning you no longer have to make the ridiculous trek into town to get your Double Steakhouse fix.

After trialling the delivery system at 8 locations across the country, including Fallowfield in Manchester, the US burger-giants are upping the anti and expanding their delivery service to 34 more locations in the UK, including Liverpool.

This could be you but you live on Langdale

Deliveries are available between 12 noon and 10pm everyday and there must be a minimum spend of £14. There’s just one catch: You have to live within 2 miles of the city centre branch.

Missing out on serious business m8

This leaves the unlucky students living past Cranbourne Road off Smithdown unable to use the service (Bet you wish you haven’t fallen for the charm of the Dales now, eh?) – although by The Tab’s rough calculations, above, the fast-food royalty are cheating everyone who lives after Toxteth Cemetery out of their home delivery Whoppers.

No luck for Avondale

This cut off leaves Carnatic students and most of the Smithdown population without the service, but guarantees all Crown Place, Vine Court and Philharmonic Court students (as well as the posh students who rent in town) Burger King delivery whenever they so desire.

Kelly, a second year English student, told The Tab she was disappointed at Burger King cutting off the student heartland of Smithdown: “They’re basically saying only people rich enough to live in town are good enough for a big whopper.”

1-nil to the student townies, then.

You can place your orders either via the Burger King website, www.burgerkingdelivers.co.uk or hungryhouse.co.uk.