What is the point of having a car at uni?

There are better things to spend your money on

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Oh student driver, you’ve spent a quarter of your loan on insurance, but at least you can claim 2 for 1 tickets with Meerkat Movies at Odeon. Go you.

You may be able to smoothly pick up an enormous ASDA shop without dragging a bag for life 2 miles home and squeezing yourself onto the bus with your groceries stacked up on your lap, but is it really worth it when your money burning hunk of junk is due an MOT?

Rollin’ in ma german whip

You’re probably rolling around like this, sporting a smart picture of you in your car on your Tinder profile, reeling in those right swipes, but let’s be honest you’re no hot spice in your hot wheels. It’s almost as comical as guys who try to use cute little dogs on their profiles to attract the opposite sex.

If you’re someone who has a car and lives in the City Centre, then you’re even more ridiculous. Where are you actually going to drive? By the time you’ve gotten out of the congestion in town, you’ll be so confused you’ll have forgotten why you even came out of the house. Then once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ve got to fork out more money for parking, or cram your car into the nearest free spot, and then you’ll still have to walk.

Not having a car forces you to walk places, which is good for your health and gives you an opportunity to take a good long look at the superb sights of Liverpool.

You can’t instagram in a car ok?

You’ll be more than ready for a lecture once you’ve breathed in a bit of fresh air, allowed some natural light to your eyes and some vitamin D to your skin. It’s better for the environment not having a car, you’re being greener than a grape.

Have you noticed, with a little bit of joy but also a hint of guilt, how it’s been warmer this winter? No snow? Yeah, that’s probably partly down to you having a car at uni. The Responsible Travel Report claims “the average car emits about 35 pounds of carbon dioxide every day” – that’s not so good. So dump your car off at your ‘rents house and be the good guy or girl.

Even more importantly, filling up that tiny spot of outside space that your student house offers is just a joke: you could have a hot tub or a trampoline there, or at least a BBQ.

It’s time to realise you’re just a taxi driver for your mates. Think about it…it’s raining? I’m late? I’ve broken my leg? The number of guilt trips your housemates will be able to come up with is endless. Needless to say they’ll leave the remains of their McDonalds in the seat for you to discover weeks later, making your car smell like a chip shop. The bus routes are good and a bus pass is far, far cheaper than a car. Stop trying to show off in your wheels, accept the reality of your situation, and leave your car at home.