The ultimate A-Z of Liverpool dates

F is for Ferguson. Alex Ferguson.

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you have been with bae for five years or just on a couple of dates, the pressure of choosing a perfect date for your hun is just too real.

If only there was a definitive A-Z list of possible dates in Liverpool. Well, your prayers have been answered:

Albert Docks Bar Crawl

Start off by keeping it classy. There are less students here and some people actually look quite nice. Show bae that you are sophisticated. Take a stroll round the docks before getting relatively pissed on Rev’s 2 for 1 happy hour on cocktails.

Brookie Breakfast

Wake up the next morning smelling of a nauseating mix of mojitos and strawberry woo woos. Roll out of bed and treat the pair of you to a cheap, greasy yet completely satisfying fry up. It doesn’t get more romantic than this.

Carni Dinner

Take yourself back to the moment you both met – when you locked eyes over a soggy meal in the Carnatic dinner hall. Relive this moment together over a plate of cold chips, an entire chicken breast and a slice of mouldy cheesecake. Bring a candle to add an air of romance to the already amorous surroundings.

Dixi Chicken Date

Nothing screams romance quite like succulent chicken wings, fried to perfection with red salt chips. Tip: avoid garlic mayo if you want to get with bae.

You are the red to my salt.

Everyman Theatre

Up your game. Show your hun that you are willing to splash the cash for them and you look fit in a bow tie.

Looking phreshhhh


Simple. Date Alex Ferguson.

Guild Meal Deal

Chicken and bacon sandwich? Duck and hoisin wrap? Or even just a sausage roll? The possibilities here are truly endless.

Harold Cohen

Do the medics a favour and take one of them out out on a date to their favourite place.

Indoor Trampoline Park

Bounce down to Spring City and woo your partner with your flips and tricks.

Jungle Rumble Adventure Gold

We’ve all seen it whilst passing through Liverpool One and yearned for an excuse to challenge ourselves to the 18 course extravaganza of madness. Now is your time. If you play well, crazy golf won’t be the only way you’ll be potting yourself a hole in one.


Anywhere down Smithdown, just have a couple’s Kiki.



Challenge yourselves to climb as many as possible in one night. Support each other on the difficult climbs and watch your relationship grow.

Mad Langdale House Party

Look after bae if they end up in a pool of their own vomit.


Only suitable if your relationship is extra hot and super cheeky.


It’s about a 10 second walk from nandos so just do it for ease.


Make the dance to Cotton Eyed Joe romantic and intimate like never before.

Queen’s Docks

Albert Docks? Pfft, you did that 16 dates ago. Your relationship has grown since then. You’re more than the Albert Docks now and besides, everyone goes to the Albert Docks, push the boat out (lol pun) and explore the much more low key Queen’s Docks to show you’re not a mainstream couple anymore.


Sticky and intimate.

third wheelin’

Smithdown Aquarium

A whole day of enjoyment. Fishy fun – what more could you want?


Pop down to  Cava and try every shot on the menu between the two of you. If you’re feeling brave, take one for the team and have the baked bean shot yourself to show that you would do anything for bae.

Under the bridge between Smithdown and Allerton

Dark things happen under there. That could be you.

Victoria Gallery and Museum

Turns out that pretty red brick building that Liverpool splatters all over their prospectuses is actually a gallery and museum too. It’s right on your doorstep so you have no excuse, really.

Where ever you like it

Oi oi 😉


X-rated shenanigans

Make of that what you will.

Yellow Pages

You’ve been on 24 dates now so it’s time to use your imagination a bit. The opportunities here are endless.


If you’re a couple but you’ve never been to the zoo and posted cute pictures of it all over Instagram then are you even a couple?

“Day out at the zoo with my baby xxxx”