Third years may soon be able to re-sit exams in August

Students would currently have to re-sit the entire year if they fail

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There has been debate at a recent committee meeting with the University as to whether re-sits should be introduced for final year students in August.

Vice President of the Guild Emma Sims recently suggested the idea to the university although the plans are at the very early stages.

Guild Emma Sims told The Tab: “At the moment if you fail or miss an exam in your final year you might have to re-sit the entire year.

“I know how difficult this additional year can be for some students, especially if they had been accepted on a graduate scheme or another course.

“Rather than having to effectively put your life on hold, having re-sits in August could take away that uncertainty.”

Students are able to have their say by emailing Emma about the idea.

Students are encouraged to give their opinion by contacting Emma Sims.

“This idea is very much in its early stages and we are looking for students to feed into this discussion.

“Do you think it’s better to re-sit your exams straight-away or should you re-sit them over a full year?

“You can come in to speak to me at the Guild or drop me an email on [email protected].

“Once I’ve got your views I’ll take them forward to the next committee.”

Emma a third year English student backs the idea, she told The Tab: “Third year is really stressful time and the pressure to do well can really take its toll on students.

“Knowing that we could have the option to retake rather than retaking the whole year would be a massive weight lifted.”

Biological Sciences student Ryan agrees, he said: “I think it’s important that students know that they can fix their own mistakes if they were to make one.

“I hope the uni implements this idea which would alleviate some of the immense pressure that third years face.”

Contact Emma Sims via email to have your say on the idea.