Library staff issue fatal warning to Architecture students

Uh oh

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Library staff in the Sydney Jones library have reached breaking point over the exam period, as battles with unruly Architecture students reach a head in the final revision week.

Three printers have lost their lives during the harsh-spell of exams, with engineers being unable to keep up with the breakages.

Architecture students have been accused of inserting cardboard into the printers, which eventually jams and breaks them, rendering them unfit for printing for at least 24 hours.

One engineer, whose identity has been protected for legal reasons, said:

“I don’t know what is going on in this library but why on earth would anyone put cardboard through the laser printers?”

As the day of reckoning gets ever closer and exams are officially declared over (for now) some students are unhappy with the current state of broken printers:

Jack, a third year Politics student was dismayed to find another printer broken on the Grove Wing.

Jack told The Tab: “Its so selfish. What are they playing at?!”

A member of library staff, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Stop putting cardboard in the machines.

“It jams the printers. The engineers have got better things to do with their time than run up here every day.

“The next time one gets jammed, that’s it. There will be trouble.”

An undercover source in the Architecture department said:

“We are aware that some students have resorted to putting cardboard through the Sydney Jones printers and this is no way acceptable however the printers in this department have failed us in the past weeks.”

How long Architecture students will continue to jeopardize the printing of the whole University remains unseen however library staff are asking students to be vigilant, and report anyone you see tampering with the printers.

The Architecture department were, sadly,  unavailable for comment.

Have you been affected by a broken printer? Are you one of the students putting cardboard in the laser printers?
If so, we’d like to speak to you: [email protected]