The library have made a boss exam motivation playlist

Aren’t they the best?

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Chances are you didn’t do any revision over the festive period and you’ve probably not seen the inside of a lecture theatre since at November.

Fear not – the library has your back.

With a rather eclectic mash up of tunes – ranging from Journey to Basement Jaxx to Aretha Franklin, the library have found everything you will need to keep you pumped through this exam season – or at least for 97 minutes of it.

‘EastSleepReviseRepeat (Also take breaks)’ is not only a fabulous name, but the playlist contains only the most spiriting songs to make you feel like you’re part of a Rocky Balboa training montage.

The playlist can be found here.


Along with the playlist, the library have found other ways to keep you motivated.

Just as they did last year, both the Sydney Jones and Harold Cohen libraries have hidden golden tickets inside books across the two sites – each worth £2 towards a hot drink from the Cafe on the Square or the SJ Cafe.

You only got £1.80 last summer.

Last time around, the libraries mixed their games up by throwing in different ways to find tickets so its worth keeping an eye on Twitter for clues as well as hilarious motivational tips such as this one: “Yes the doors at the #SJL are broken, if you over did it at Xmas you might not fit through. If you can’t get in we can open the sidedoor.”