The best and worst fashion trends in Liverpool this year

Stop trying to make nineties jackets happen

2015 has seen the rise of some questionable fashion trends donned by the students of Liverpool. 

Some have been very on fleek, but there have also been some we’d much rather steer well clear of.

From terrible accessories to those all-too wavy garms your flatmates bring home from Bold Street, here’s a rundown of Liverpool’s best and worst this year.

The trends we hope live on in Liverpool through 2016

Lace up 

lace up

Lets face it, it’s everywhere. Its on your favourite fine knit tee, it creeps up the middle of your cute leather mini skirt and if you’re feeling extra raunchy on a night out it goes all the way down your leotard (showing just the right amount of cleavage, of course). This small embellishment adds that seventies retro touch to your oh-so-effortless outfit.


Kate Jaggers, 2nd year, Anatomy student, UOL

Fresh off the runway and straight onto Seel Street: if lace up just wasn’t quite retro enough for you then suede is going to float your seventies boat.

It’s obviously fab but, just like day drinking, it has to be done in moderation – nobody liked double denim and nobody likes double suede either.

Wear it in a mini skirt, in a crop top or even in a super throwback hair tie. We love suede and hope it reigns on through 2015 but please, handle with care.


Shiny thingsPrecious metals will be gracing the runway and popping up in stores in L1 in 2016. It doesn’t just have to be for the brave hearted – you can tone down the metallic look by having one staple piece.Metallic style is perfect for those magical nights at Abandon Silence or everyone’s favourite Chibuku. But, unlike the Kazimier, it’s not over yet – this trend is only in its infancy so next time you’re strutting down Bold Street, keep your eyes peeled.

Trends we all hope die along with 2015

Mini bags

IMG_3831 (1)

These aren’t cool now and have never been. The “Mini Lady Bag” doesn’t look good, it’s not practical, and how are you even meant to hold it? We’ll never know.

It’s not just them either – there are a whole army of mini bags sweeping the North this year and someone needs to put a stop to it.

Unnecessary platform shoes

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.12.48

No one wants to own up to these

Liverpool is known for its skyscraper heels, but we thought the day of the “flatform” had been and gone along with the chunky black creepers everyone was rocking in their pre uni days.

But nope, they’re back. When scouring the shelves for a new pair of shoes you have to ask yourself: are they more Raz or Brooklyn Mixer? If the answer is the Raz, put them down and abort mission.

The nineties jacket

ketty jacket

We all have one and we’re all a little bit ashamed. We went to our first Waxxx and jumped on the nineties jacket bandwagon and admittedly we all felt pretty cool. It’s a first year staple and it’s a must-have if you want to show all your new mates just how wavy you are.

But in reality, they’re awful. No-one wants to look like Resurrection’s vintage section just threw up on them. Could you imagine rocking up to your nan’s Sunday roast wearing it? Or maybe even just a trip to your local Tesco back home.

Wear it to Waxxx then leave it there. Please.