Riot vans called to Barrington Road as local threatens house of students

He said he’d ‘get his boys’ on them

Last night police were called to Barrington Road off Smithdown after a local threatened a house of students.

The house of boys had previously kicked the wing mirrors off the locals car on Saturday night.

The man was talking to a girl on the street who had also had her car damaged, threatening to “get his boys” on the guys who did it.

The boys then called the police as they believe the threats were serious.


Police arrived with riot vans at around 18:30pm on Sunday, to speak to the man who made the threats and search his car.

History second year Colleen watched it all unfold from the house next to the male students: “It was really scary.

“I didn’t want to leave the house while the police were there. I was there when the man was saying he was going to ‘get his boys’ and the threats did sound really serious.”

No arrests have been made.