Liverpool’s first cat café will be opening next year

Prayers have been answered

A new cat café, Café Meow, will allow customers to enjoy coffee, cake and the company of cats all in one place.

Cat cafes are already popular in Japan and across other parts of Asia, but next year Liverpool will be home to the opening of the North-West’s first cat café – Café Meow.

The cat lovers and young aspiring entrepreneurs behind Café Meow are Laura and David, who have been receiving support for their idea since completing The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme in August 2015.


Laura and David aim to reflect the authenticity of cat cafes from Japan and there’ll be plenty of climbing frames, rope walks, shelves and shelters for the cats to play with.

Customers will be able to visit the café for about an hour, but will usually be able to stay for longer in busier times.

There will be a cover fee that customer’s will pay that will go towards the cat’s welfares and many of the cats will be re-homed from a local shelter.

No need to harass Smithdown cats anymore.

No need to harass Smithdown cats anymore.

Students can even claim a free drink the first time they visit the café using valid student ID as former students Laura and David: “Understand the importance to keep a cool head – cats can reduce the stress of the workload.”

They’re also thinking about eventually introducing film and book clubs too.

Second year Medicine student and cat lover Zahra Houston said: “My anticipation for the opening of the cat café can only be likened to that of a young child awaiting Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.

“I bloody love cats, not to mention it will alleviate my need to harass the many strays of Smithdown.”