UoL Rugby team got cocky on Twitter and then lost to Engineers

One of the UoL team was sent off for punching one of the Engineers

Before the UoL vs Engineers Rugby game the UoL team bragged about winning on Twitter, and then ended up losing.

Before the game, the UoL team were in full belief that the Engineers would get “banged” by them and lose, posting predictions on Twitter.


the Engineers squad

They wrote: “BREAKING: The Engibeers have been chattig shit..SO BANGED THEY SHALL GET. 3s now at Mossley Hill vs the Engivirgins”

The women’s Rugby team got involved, responding with: “@LURFC1 good luck lads! #uniof #properrugby <3”

The Engineers then created their own Twitter, and posted a photo of their team.

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The uni of rugby team responded with, “@LUERFC1 nice touch that you got every girl from your course in that photo”

Unfortunately, the Engineers won the match, leaving the Uni Of team sour and silent on Twitter.

One of the UoL team was sent off for punching an Engineer in the final minute.

Dominic, chairman of the Engineers rugby team told us: “It’s always a big game for us when we play the university development squad.

“But, with all their comments on social media before the game, and the confidence they had in fielding second and third team players to face us, the win felt like a cup final!  The tweets simply gave us more drive to beat them.

“I think a few of the guys had been reading Tyson Fury’s mantra on how to approach sport, the only thing is they forgot the last chapter…. how to win.

“After the game their captain shouted ‘We shouldn’t be getting turned over by a campus team’, but they were.”

Johnny, the game’s man of the match, added, “They even violated the common rugby tradition of both teams having a pint in the club house after the game. They very quickly gathered their things and left.”