Tweet the Guild your wish and they’ll grant it

They’ve even given out free Burritos

The Guild are spreading Christmas cheer by granting the wishes of lucky students, all you have to do is tweet them.

Christmas has come early this year, and this time Santa comes in the form of Alex Ferguson and his elves.

For 10 days only, students can ask the Guild for anything simply by tweeting @LiverpoolGuild with their wish and #GuildWish.

So far students have been granted their wish of two burritos from the Courtyard, a University of Liverpool hoody, a FIFA tournament in Mountford Hall, a pint and a Starbucks mug.

Basically the real Santa.

Who Santa needs Santa?

The Guild’s Vice President, Emma Sims said: “This year we wanted to bring some extra special Christmas cheer to everyone with #GuildWish.

“You can make a wish for yourself, a friend or something for the Guild as a whole. The great thing with #GuildWish is that you can wish for anything and there’s a chance it’ll come true. We want people to be as creative as possible with their wishes.

“Already we’ve granted wishes for boxes of brownies, a toaster, hoodies, burritos and for a FIFA tournament to be played on the big screen in Mountford. It’s running until Friday 11 December and all you need to do is tweet us @LiverpoolGuild with #GuildWish.”

You could even get a free hoody.

You could even get a free hoody.

Students are encouraged to be as original as possible as each wish can only be granted once.

Wishes will be granted until the 11th December.