Tab tries Xmas edition: Glittery hair roots

We weren’t very impressed

The festive season is fast approaching and everyone wants to be that edgy relative around the dinner table.

After all, what would Christmas be without some healthy fashion competition.

A new trend called “Glitter Roots” has taken over our insta-feeds. Word on the street is that Unicorn poop hair is in. So, for your own enjoyment, we tried this, unusual trend for ourselves.

Step 1: Select your glitter of choice. 

We opted for Claire’s Accessories loose glitter, it did the trick and their NUS discount came in handy.

Step 2: Mix glitter with any hair gel you may have to hand.

Literally any hair gel.

So sparkly!

Step 3: Apply to roots generously 

Don’t be shy.

Step 4: Add some more festive-coloured glitter

Think “wearable Christmas Tree” and you’re on the right track.

VERDICT: Although the process was fun and relatively simple, like most Tumblr posts we try to copy, it didn’t turn out particularly well. Instead of the sparkly fair princess vibes we were aiming for, we got unwashed teenager with greasy roots with what looks deceptively like multicoloured dandruff.

In short, it’s unlikely we’ll be sporting this look to Xmas dinner, work parties, or any get-together over the winter break. Or any other time really.