Charity Week raised over 30k for Syrian refugees

80 people climbed mount Snowdon for the cause

Students across a wide range of societies have raised over 30,000 pounds with Human Relief Foundation for the current Syrian refugee crisis.

Islamic Soc where the main organisers of Charity Week, with events such as  bucket collections, a gladiator arena, a formal dinner, an auction, and a hike up mount Snowdon.

They even had beat boxer/comedia Hamza Fletcher perform at their Charity Dinner.

The money raised will be particularly focusing on those in the Calais migrant camps, providing essential necessities and camp supplies.

80 students took part in hiking up Snowdown in the middle of the Abigail storm, which had windspeeds of up t 90km/h.

This hike up a 1085m high mountain alone managed to raise £17,717 and counting.

ISoc member and organiser of the Snowdon hike, Jag, said: “We faced the worst possible conditions, but despite this, all eighty of us managed to get through it relatively unscathed.

“It goes to show how much a group of people united in a single purpose can achieve, and I hope we can take that lesson beyond charity week.”

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Beth Meadows, who was one of the brave people tackling Snowdon, told us: “We were honoured to represent the Help the Homeless Society in such a well organised and successful fundraiser like Snowdon.

“The weather conditions on the day were not in our favour whatsoever but it was well worth for the amazing amount that was raised!”

Haisum Qayyum, a fourth year Medic and one of the organisers of Charity Week said: “We chose this cause as it is an issue that resonates with all of us.

“With the refugees literally on our doorstep, it’s too close to home to simply ignore.

“This is the largest refugee crisis that Europe has faced since World War 2, and we are proud of the involvement from the Uni community and beyond – the support has been fantastic.”