A new 24 Kitchen Street club night will have party games like spin the bottle

It’s called ‘Fun Buttons’

At the new club night “Fun Buttons” you will be able to play games like digital spin the bottle and Bat the Rat.

Fun Buttons is inspired by the growing trend of fusing play with clubbing, such as the successful Bongo’s Bingo and London’s Rumpus, and aims to engage club goers in a different mix of social interaction.

Scott Gaule, Co-Founder of the night explains the concept:”When we go out for a night, we mostly want to shed off our day-to-day baggage, have a boogie and a laugh with our mates and strangers. We don’t want to disrupt that at Fun Buttons.

“The idea is to give people some additional props to hang their playful curiosities on. The music is a big part of that also. That’s why we have teamed up with our friends at The Fire Beneath The Sea. They have a reputation for being very fun and positive and extremely interactive with the crowd.

“Liverpool has always been open and receptive to new expressions of popular culture and has a long tradition of fooling around and having fun. With all the creative stuff currently going on in city, we think it’s an appropriate time to give people a space to re-imagine clubbing and to reconsider the value of playing games in public. And that’s what Fun Buttons is basically about.”

The mix of games at the new event are said to be dance-floor friendly that can be picked up or put down, and distributed throughout different areas of the club.

Gaule added: “Fun Buttons is an attempt to show Liverpool party people that there is more going on in the cultural zeitgeist and that the current diversification in game production and underground game culture is very much a part of this contemporary moment.

“For me Fun Buttons is not specifically about the games or the music, but coming out to play with your mates and strangers and getting something a bit more out of your night out.”

Tickets in advance for the opening night on December 2nd are £4, and to find out more about this event click here.