Help the Homeless society are giving ‘survival kit’ shoe boxes to the homeless

You can even do one for dogs

The University of Liverpool’s very own Help the Homeless society is teaming up with the Shoebox Full of Love Homeless Appeal to provide a happier Christmas for the homeless across Merseyside.

The Shoe box Full of Love Appeal is a campaign that aims to share love and happiness to the homeless across Merseyside by encouraging people to donate a shoe box “filled with life’s little essentials” which is essentially a “survival kit” to help those most vulnerable this time of year.

The campaign aims to help adult males and females, children, teenagers, veterans and even homeless dogs.

The Help the Homeless Society's Shoebox Full of Love campaign poster

The Help the Homeless Society’s Shoebox Full of Love campaign poster

Some of the items that the Shoebox Full of Love Appeal suggest including in the shoe boxes are: a card, hat, gloves, scarf, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel, shampoo, conditioner, socks, sweets, chocolate, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, moisturiser.

For adult females, it is also suggested that boxes could include female hygiene or sanitary products and cosmetics.

Shoe boxes made for children may additionally include toys, comics or selection packs.

The campaign is even collecting donations for homeless dogs which can include dog food, treats and a blanket.

Vice President of the Help the Homeless society, Eleanor Hancock said: “Donating to people who struggle at Christmas is one of the most rewarding things you can do at this time of year.

“It’s easy to think about yourself and all the good times you can have in the festive season, but there’s some people out there who will struggle through it, like they do each and every day.

“If everybody could contribute we will have so many happier people this Christmas.”

The Help the Homeless Society at the Fresher's Fair earlier this year.

The Help the Homeless Society at the Fresher’s Fair earlier this year.

The Help the Homeless society is also in collaboration with the Liverpool University Labour Students and the Liverpool University Feminist Society, and together they hope to collect over 200 shoe boxes from across the University.

As of today, Thursday 26th November, students can pick up some empty shoe boxes that have been collected from local retailers to start the campaign.

Students can donate shoe boxes from now until the 12th of December by taking their donations to the Guild reception.