Why is everyone wearing ripped jeans?

It’s too cold in Liverpool

Jeans are a fashion staple.

You’ll find that perfect pair that come up to just the right height without falling down, that make your arse look good and aren’t too long or too short. You’ll wear them to death, until they literally start falling apart and rip at the seams, hold a small low-key funeral, and throw them away.

Because no one likes ripped jeans, right? Wrong.

Ripped jeans are everywhere, and for some reason, not only are they acceptable, they are popular.


So not squad goals


Let your knees feel the breeze

For the girl who aims to look oh so cool and casual, ripped jeans seem to be the perfect option to pair with with everything from nice shirts to oversized jumpers. But unless you’re exactly the right height, jeans with rips in the knees end up half way down your shins with thick turn ups, or flashing just a little bit more thigh than you originally intended. The only solution to this is to buy jeans with rips all the way up them, which leaves you questioning whether you’re really wearing jeans at all. If you want to show a bit of skin, wear a skirt or a pair of shorts. Jeans with slashes up the thighs look like you’ve been attacked by Edward Scissorhands with a leg fetish.

Ripped jeans are meant to look effortless but in reality they’re so much more effort to put on. You have to gently shimmy them up your legs, praying your foot doesn’t go through the knee hole and rip all the way through, turning your jeans into jorts. The longer you wear ripped jeans, the bigger the hole. Whilst you’d normally throw your jeans away when they rip, with ripped jeans you’re always stuck in a conundrum of how ripped is too ripped.

The answer is any rip at all.

what are thoooose

what are thoooose

Lets face it, winter is coming, and Liverpool is way too cold to have your knees out. Bright red and covered in goosebumps is not the look you want to be sporting as you get battered by the sea breeze that whips it’s way up Bold Street.

The real joke is that ripped jeans generally cost more than ones in perfect condition. Levi’s actually offer a service where you can bring in your nice new un-ripped jeans and pay to have someone hack at them with a pair of scissors. The distressed look will leave your bank account looking more distressed than your denim, and the whole thing would have cost you nothing if you’d have cut them yourself.12188582_10153762389581584_646303207_n

Let’s all start listening to our mothers and put the ripped jeans in the rubbish. They’re pointless and making everyone look like they’ve just tripped and scraped their knees.

Unless that’s the look you’re going for. In which case, Halloween has just been, you should be able to get some pretty decent fake blood discounted, in order to complete your look.