Third year selling photographs to raise money for French charity in the wake of Friday’s attacks

He’s selling photo’s that capture the beauty of Paris

After the devastating Paris attacks on Friday, Louis Bever is raising money for humanitarian NGO, Medics Sans Frontieres. 

The Law finalist from Paris is selling his photographs of Paris, donating 75 per cent of profits to the humanitarian aid charity.

Medics Sans Frontieres provides medical aid to “people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from healthcare.”

The Tab caught up with Law finalist, who’s photos also featured in an article last year on Liverpool last year.

Louis told The Tab: “I’m going to produce a set of prints in my eyes that depict Paris to be beautiful. They are pictures that really reflect on the beauty of the city.

“I was slightly affected by the French attack. I live in Paris, and have grown up in Paris, so it was really close to home.

“Whilst I was documenting the Parisian skate culture over the summer, I took photos around the Place de la Republique, and Western Paris where there was a false alarm last night. I used to hang around these areas all the time. It’s surreal for me.”

“I’m trying to raise money for a charity that originated in France. They do a lot of work in war torn countries like Syria, and places where they can’t get good doctors.

“The Brit who died was a Univeristy of Liverpool graduate, and that also motivated me to do something.”

You will be able to buy Louis’s Parisian prints and donate to Medics Sans Frontieres here from Friday.