Do you feel safe in Smithdown?

‘I got attacked while I tried to stop someone from stealing a car’

In response to all recent crimes showing the scary side of Liverpool on Smithdown Road, we asked people how safe they actually feel.

David Toves, third year, Maths and James Toves, second year, Physics


David: “Yeah, definitely! Smithdown seems unsafe only really late at night so I always prefer to get the bus rather than walking.”
James: “I’d say so, generally Liverpool seems safe! I don’t really feel scared on Smithdown either because I haven’t seen or heard about anything dramatic.”

Vaughan Ubuane, second year, Mechanical Engineering


“I feel safer at home. Actually, last week while I was at Juicy I saw someone stealing a car. I tried to stop him and he attacked and punched me in the eye. I had to go to the hospital and the police to report it. So I don’t really feel safe during a night out in town or Smithdown.”

Hannah Power, first year, Law


“I’d definitely say I feel safe on campus but of course in Liverpool as well. If ended up alone on a night out in town, though, I’d just go home as I’d feel insecure. Regarding leaving on Smithdown, next year I will think of leaving because all the students choose to live there. But at the moment it doesn’t seem too dramatic.”

Jack Ashton, first year, Mechanical Engineering


“Liverpool feels like a safe city, sometimes there are weird people in town at night so I wouldn’t want to be alone that time. But the outskirts seem more unsafe that the town. I will probably end up living on Smithdown next year as we don’t have any other choice as students. But I would still feel safe, I think.”

Aaron Smith, second year, Chemistry


“Yeah, I feel safe in Liverpool but on Smithdown I am scared a little bit so I just try to stay on the well-light areas as well as avoid the alleys”

Harhareun Singh Lota, first year, Mechanical Engineering


“Generally, yes. However, I usually try to stay with my friends on nights out as when you’re drunk  you lose your awareness. I wouldn’t really walk alone during the night. I don’t know much regarding Smithdown now and no one has ever said anything to me about any bad experiences so I’m not really affected. Before I consider living there I will check the area first.”

Joseph Howe, second year, History and Politics


“Yeah, I do feel safe in Liverpool but it depends on the areas- we all know about Kensington.  I wouldn’t say I feel safe on Smithdown Road as it seems quite dangerous with crimes happening frequently.”

Niamh O’Hanlon, first year, Law


“Yes, Liverpool seems safe. I know that on Smithdown Road people often get burglared, robbed and attacked as my sister used to live there. But nothing ever happened to her or her friends so I’m guessing it’s just specific streets. It’s not as bad as Kensigton anyway right? So I will probably end up living there as the majority of the students will.”

Jiawei Gian, second year, Mechanical Engineering


“Yeah I feel safe in Liverpool and I think campus is better for students than other areas such as Smithdown. On nights out I want to be with my friends because there are lots of drunk people in the streets and sometimes they may be weird. ”